Community Service

Many members of the G. V. Black District Dental Society volunteer their time and skills to help those people who could not otherwise access or afford oral health care.  We are proud of the time and resources given by our members in their private offices each year.  The following is a sample of how G. V. Black is present in our communities.

Mission of Mercy

Through America's Dentists Care Foundation, events are coordinated to provide free, basic dental services for the underserved.

The Illinois State Dental Society Foundation partners to sponsor Illinois Mission of Mercy programs. The G. V. Black District Dental Society works with the Illinois State Dental Society in recruiting dentists to assist in volunteering their services at events held within Illinois.


G. V. Black Dental Clinic (administered through St. Clare's Health Clinic)

St. Clare's Health Clinic in Springfield, administered by Catholic Charities and partnered with G.V. Black District Dental Society, provides preventative and basic health care for families who could not otherwise afford them. Services include pre-school and school physicals, preventative and restorative dental services, vision exams and eyeglasses, and hearing and vision test screenings.  

G. V. Black Dental Society has help fund the dental program for many years.  Patients are screened by member dentist Dr. James McDermott and then referred to participating GVB members for care in their own offices.


Noll Dental Clinic

G. V. Black District Dental Society was recently instrumental in assisting the Noll Dental Clinic receive a substantial grant.  

The Hope Institute for Children and Families has identified a growing need for comprehensive dental services for children with developmental disabilities and mental illnesses. In order to help address the special needs of these children, Hope opened the Noll Dental Clinic.

The clinic is designed to offer individually designed treatment plans, a staff and resources equipped to handle each child’s special needs, and a sliding fee schedule to make care accessible. But at the heart of their mission are the children they serve.


Kidzeum of Health and Science

Exhibits and programming are the two most important aspects of making the Kidzeum a state-of-the-art educational and entertainment facility for children and their families.  Through a "healthy" donation, G. V. Black has become Exhibit Sponsor of the Dental Clinic at the museum.  As posted on the Kidzeum web site:

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."

Benjamin Franklin